New personalised checkout delivery options 
My role
Responsible for designing an algorithm that suggests personalized delivery options to registered users during their checkout flow​​​​​​​
- Design finalized
- Information architecture finalized
- Development is set to begin

 - No delivery personalization
 - Displaying same delivery options to all users
 - Pandemic = changes in user purchase behaviour
 - Logistics costs differ across EU countries
 - Cultural differences across EU countries
 - Increase checkout CVR
 - Reduce logistic costs for all EU countries
 - Reduce customer service delivery queries

Old Checkout with no personalisation

Defined a new logic

3 main points to determine best delivery option for user:
 - User past behaviour (eg. Pickup or delivery)
 - User location (eg. Proximity to a UNIQLO store)
 - Business goals (Eg. Encourage more collections from UNIQLO stores in certain EU countries)
Regional journey mapping
 - Mapping journeys across all EU countries
 - Some countries have a higher reliance on fast pickup
 - Some countries have more stores centered in cities
Journey mapping across different delivery scenarios based on a users basket, past behaviour & location
Thank you for your time.

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