My role
Responsible for re-designing the information architecture of UNIQLO's category page filters​​​​​​​
- Design has been finalised
- Development is set to begin
New responsive filter UI
 - Filter usage less than 2%
 - Unfamiliar experience
 - Filter attributes not relevant
 - Brand using internal terms
 - Match CVR of filters on search pages: > 2%
 - More relevant filter attributes by category
Benchmarking analysis
- Collate common filter values across similar retailers​​​​​​​
Remote user-testing
Closed Card sorting
 - 90 users (45 men / 45 women)
 - U
nderstand filter content, hierarchy, and grouping
 - Understand user mental models
Usertesting: Card-sorting exercise
Data Matrix
Data matrix shows key insights into user mental models
Left: Women's data matrix  /  Right: Men's data matrix
Mapping IA
Used data from research to begin mapping information architecture across different categories
Mapping a new information architecture based on research results
Final IA proposal examples
Left: Example IA for men's trousers page  /  Right: Example IA for women's dresses page
Thank you for your time.

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