My role
Responsible for redesigning the UNIQLO cart page​​​​​​​
50% increase in Cart CVR

Live link:
new mobile design
new mobile design
new desktop design
new desktop design
New responsive Cart redesign
 - Cart CVR in EU sites too low compared to industry benchmark
 - Dated UI
 - Lack of design language
- 25% increase in Cart CVR
- More visibility of delivery costs / promotions
- Clean UI​​​​​​​
old mobile cart
old mobile cart
old desktop cart
old desktop cart
Old Cart designs
Research methods
 - Google Analytics
 - Remote User-testing
 - Session replays
 - Customer voice
 - Benchmarking
 - General research
Left: Usertesting old cart page issues  /  Right: Benchmarking analysis
Summary of issues

 - CTA location below the fold
 - Hierarchy of elements
 - Small images
 - Cart retention too short
 - Cost breakdown location
 - No promotional messaging
 - Inaccurate inventory messaging
 - Delivery cost transparency
 - Discount code errors
 - Unclear service benefits (eg. free delivery)
 - Empty bag design not optimised​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Wireframes & AB testing
 - 2 column layout
 - Sticky summary area 
 = 2% increase in revenue across all EU sites
Left: Initial wireframes  /  Right: AB testing new ideas 
Final Design
 - 2 column layout
 - Transparent delivery messaging
 - Sticky summary area
 - Sticky CTA’s on mobile
 - Dynamic promotional message
 - Improved discount code validation
 - More prominent recommendations
 - New express payment options 
 - Option to save bag for later
Thank you for your time.

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