My role
Responsible for re-designing the UNIQLO checkout funnel​​​​​​​
 - 113% increase in Checkout CVR
 - CVR increase in every micro-step of checkout funnel
 - Responsive checkout flow
 - New styleguide:  

New responsive checkout journey
 - Checkout CVR sat below the industry benchmark
 - Dated UI
- 105% increase in checkout CVR
- Increased registered customers
- Increased usage of pickup options
- Increased usage of express payments
- Cleaner UI
- Improved form field validation
- New style guide

Process: Analysing initial checkout micro conversions in GA to discover problem areas.

old mobile checkout
old mobile checkout
old desktop checkout
old desktop checkout
Left: Old mobile checkout design /  Right: Old desktop checkout design
The following research methods were used to identify issues:

 - Google Analytics
 - Remote User-testing
 - Session replays
 - Team Workshops
 - Customer voice
 - Benchmarking
Process: Usertesting old checkout designs to identify problems
team workshop
team workshop
mapping current experience
mapping current experience
Team workshop: Mapping current experience, problems & insights
Benchmarking across several retailers across different industries
Summary of issues identified:

1. Login step
 - No order summary
 - Tabbed UI hiding options

2. Delivery
 - Cluttered UI
 - Delivery methods UI / terminology
 - Behavioural differences by region
 - Email field location
 - Address field validation logic
 - No address-book

3. Payment
 - Payment gateway performance issues
 - No final order summary
 - Tabbed UI hiding options
Wireframes & Testing

 - Multiple iterations across different flows

 - Quick tests using Google Optimise to backup design hypothesis
Wireframing new checkout journeys
Created a unified design language to improve efficiency of design & dev process
New style-guide and interaction guide for checkout form fields validation 
Final Solution:

1. Login step
 - Sticky summary in header
 - Stacked login options
 - Email field position
 - Prominent linear progression

2. Delivery step
 - Stacked delivery options
 - Dynamic delivery dates
 - Improved pickup flow
 - Address finder
 - Address book
 - Form field validation

3. Payment step
 - New payment provider
 - Improved payment speed
Thank you for your time.

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