November 2015 - July 2022
 - Initiated the first EU product team, fostering design-led innovation.
 - Implemented conversion strategies, reducing checkout friction by 13%.
 - Re-platformed EU regions, maintaining micro CVRs integrity.
My role
Over the course of 6 years, I helped UNIQLO EU build their UX team within a growing E-Commerce department and optimise their online conversion funnel through iterative design & testing methods.
Key projects:
 - Homepage 
 - Product detail
 - Cart
 - Checkout
Product detail
Key methods
 - Data analysis 
 - User testing 
 - Session replays
 - Journey mapping
 - Design workshops
 - Define Developer QA process
 - CVR & and revenue increases across the board for all EU regions
 - Increased site speed
 - Simplified internal operations
Key stakeholders
 - Product managers
 - Developers
 - Data analysts
 - UX designers
 - Marketing 
 - Merchandising 
 - Trading 
 - IT
 - Directors
 - Global UX
Thank you for your time.

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