TR Checkout Redesign
August 2022 - November 2023​​​​​​​
My role
 - Tasked with redesigning the full checkout journey
 - Worked with a small product team
 - Increase checkout CVR 
 - Improved form field validation
 - Improved payment options
 - Mobile first UI
Left: Old design  /  Middle: CVR Funnel analysis / Right: Project planning
Known Problems
 - Dated UI
 - Low CVR metrics across the board
 - Guest > Payment CVR very low!
Research pHASE

 - User-testing existing behaviour
 - Journey mapping: decision point opportunities
 - Team workshop: How might we approach
 - Industry Benchmarking: familiar experiences
Top left: User testing / Top right: Journey mapping  /  Bottom left: Workshop /  Bottom right: Benchmarking
Design Process
Initial Wireframes 
 - Combing research, UX, business goals & experience

Team workshop
- Voting on best concepts and AB tests to run in unison
Concept highlights
 - Checkout navigation
 - Contact details location
 - Extras location
 - Improved cost summary
 - Payment methods
 - Billing location
 - T&C's UI 
Left: guest details  /  middle: payment / right: desktop
Final design
 - Agreed deliverables combined with a fresh rebrand
 - AB testing adjustments
Left: Guest details /  Right: Payment
 - Weekly touchpoints with devs 
 - QA doc focusing on MVP items for each step of funnel
 - 15% increase in checkout CVR yoy vs old design
 - Fresh rebrand facelift
 - Reduced CS touchpoints (covid queries etc)
Thank you for your time.
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